Lucky Bitch

As I am sitting at my mother’s house- day 2, I am looking around at all the things that I once looked at differently. For example- her artwork. I would look at her artwork and think… do you know I would want that? Or, I don’t want that.. And then I started to think… we’ve already discussed her jewelry and the possible destination those would go.

You may be wondering, Rochelle, who thinks like this? Me… and since my grandmother’s death. I was trying to avoid a family rift by pre-designating things.

In fact, last year at this time, when the girls’ received beautiful jewelry boxes to house their mitzvah wear, I already split my little things. Whatever is in their boxes is their’s. The little I have left, I will designate (verbatim) to their father to decide.

But now, none of my mother’s things will play a factor in my life. Certainly my children would inherit some of the pieces I would have wanted from my mother, but my kids wouldn’t know the significance or the meaning- may not care for the style or even understand- whereas, my sister would. So… lucky bitch.

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