Are You Playing Monopoly?

I went to pick up a few items at the market- and learned that they no longer use “baskets” due to the virus- so that was a plus. Anyhow, it felt nice to just shmy around the store- picking things out for the kids vs. using Instacart.

Anyway, as I am bagging my items- as I’ve always done, the woman asked if I was playing Monopoly. Naturally, I would never waste my time after that one year….

Nope, I’m not playing Monopoly.

And as I was taking my cart to the car, I thought, what is the game that I am in?




Chutes and Ladders?

Battle Ship?

Or will it be Survivor?

Needless to say, I will not be going to the Monopoly market.

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mom of 3
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