I Want My $4.99!

It is day two of floor sanding- however, it is currently 1:24pm and nobody is at our home to sand. The two jury members: my sister and husband, feel that perhaps the men did not like how I asked them to cover my belongings. I will address this concern for the last time- that when you go into someone’s home to do a job- one that is known to be sandy- and therefore in the contract to be covered, then it should be 100% covered.

Anyhow, I had to pack up the house again- because today hubby thought we would have no escape from the upstairs to the foyer. So… I packed the food, dropped one kid off at my mothers and the other at my sisters- where once again, I am situated. Nobody is at the house but hubby and his dog- no doubt enjoying a peaceful, sunny day. *Please note- I have already played a few hands at frisbee.

But I started this post because I initially asked my mother if I should bring lunch for the child she has- to which she said…

Mother: I have to run to the Mace

Me: Do you want me to go for you?

Mother: No, I was there earlier and they forgot to give me my 5 %.

Me: (Eyes bulging) What?!

Mother: Yes, they didn’t give me my 5%.

Me: What are you going to get- $2?

Mother: $4.99- And I’m going to get your child blueberries.

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