Ain’t Nobody Watch Oprah?

I don’t know- I grew up at 4PM watching Oprah. I took many an idea from her worldly wisdom and tried to incorporate that into my life. For example: bedside table books. When one has a houseguest- it is nice to have a display of cute, little books.

Additionally, when hubby would travel, I provided beautiful guest towels, soaps and potions and bottles of water.

Need a gift last minute- I have a gift closet! Some things are wrapped, some things are raring to go.

I toss what I don’t wear on many an occasion- so as not to clutter my closet- and I only keep things around that make me feel happy. For example, hubby went apeshit that I was just giving things away willy nilly- and I let him know, I am making room for new memories.

Lastly, I just bought a Buddha for a good luck Zen garden- and that will be displayed as close to how Oprah has her garden.

We are day two at my sisters- I have schlepped my Visiting Day Life Size Scout tote with their meals, snacks and drinks. I am sitting outside, in the other chair, the one in the shade with no place for my weary bone cancer.

She has the sun, sofa and a blanket.

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