The Captain

Today was day one of having our floors resanded. However, before I get into the dusty and the sandy- I would like to go on the record that only certain rooms were being started today… downstairs.

Let’s rewind a bit- I would like to remind each of you that my children haven’t left their bedrooms for 13 months. Not once do they spend the day outside of their bedroom- meals are mainly sent to their rooms and the dishes collected. Whence we lived in Florida for a brief hiatus, my children only saw the outside when I had the housekeeper. In short- my kids wouldn’t recognize a sun, a moon or a star.

I say this – not because I am proud of this- because during this time, this is how they’ve chosen to “cope.” I’m not saying its all Covid or all Cancer, but somewhere in the middle- my kids decided to seek refuge in their bedrooms.

So you can imagine my surprise when all three of my kids wanted to vacate Day 1 of floor sanding. My middle child started the immediate need for all the kids to grab their pets and go! No hair brushing, no luggage, no dog food. Just ran to hubby- got into the car and were delivered to two separate family members.

Again- these children wouldn’t rush for a flight to Florida, an Azie delivery or life in general.

I, on the other hand, the one with the Lung Cancer- or do I still say that?…. the one with residue, was perfectly fine staying upstairs for once in my life, and had to then vacate the premises because my children complained to hubby that I had to go.

Needless to say- I have collected my children from their retrospective homes and we are all home- where we belong, for now.

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