Sophie’s Choice

When all of my kids are together, there is always someone who is either left out or whose feelings get hurt; let’s chalk it up to their ages.

Since my kids each have their own pets, naturally they need to also be separated- for, who the hell wants to share? In any event, one child went to my mother’s… and the other child went to my sisters.

It’s not as if I favor one family member over the other (I’m talking about my sister and my mother), but when it comes to where can I relax… it’s kinda a no brainer: my mother’s. There I can lay in her bed, have her cook for me and she will take care of everyone.

My middle child however- the one that stayed behind (on our jaunt to Florida), chose to go to my sister’s house. This way the dog could play outside, there was more space for her to spread out and she simply didn’t wish to go anyplace else.

The choice was made- I had to go to my sister’s – if for no other reason than, I needed to show my middle child of course I want to be with her.

That being said- I am now in bed at 7:54 pm, cannot keep my eyes open and feel the most intense exhaustion ever. Do tell, Rochelle….?

Because from the moment I arrived on her patio, it was non-stop sitting outside and watching, and engaging while my two children played frisbee like they were in a Brady Guinness Record episode until I called hubby to pick us up.

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