I have one- whether I choose to use it or not is another story. Certainly, there are times I do attempt to be tactful, and other times- well…. it depends on my current mood.

Lately, I am becoming a little bit kinder- or so I think. I do try to think will this person get offended?… OK, as of recently I did tell my mother to burn her Pesach outfit she wore- down to the shoes. Not because of any other reason than she is too pretty to continue to wear St. John’s knit. My grandmother and connessour has been dead for enough years- we should try other fits.

Today, as we all know, the floors are being sanded. Hubby and I removed 99% of the household contents into my bedroom and bathroom- and really what was left were: drapes and a few hanging photos. I think that is pretty special of us to do the majority of the heavy-lifting- leaving the workers to cover things nicely in plastic.

So imagine my surprise, when hubby was texting me non-stop that he felt it was time that I leave the house- due to the amount of dust. Well, in my mind, how on earth could that be? Afterall, I discussed with the men what needed to be covered and how.

Letting curiosity get the best of me, I peeked downstairs and essentially saw this:

That’s right, the one task they had to do- tape up some plastic, was just too much for them.

Needless to say, after a two hour break to properly wrap my 1% shit, I think they now know how to use the fucking tape.

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