Can We Use Your Bathroom?

In realization, this post should end here: get the eff out of my home.

This week we are redoing the hardwood floors- and by redoing, it means sanding, sanding, staining, sanding, staining and drying for days. Its an auduous process- one we did prior to moving into the home over 13 years ago, and one that will certainly not happen in my lifetime (in this home). In short, did it need to get done…. that depends on the eye of the buyer. Again, not selling, but if one were to make an offer, I would be down.

All this is mentioned because with the floors being refinished, every article of furniture needed to be removed from home home; fortunately we have ample space to which to store our things.

Now, hubby has always been a “if someone needs the bathroom… is their pee any different?” Naturally, I’m amazed we are still together after such an insolent comment, but for this particular job, hubby took it upon himself to store some items within the Powder Room so that “nobody” would think to use it. Add to the fact there is a lock, and we are finally on the same page!

I get, there are some unforeseen times when one would need to use the restroom while on site- but it is only 12pm (when I started), one should have their shit scheduled already worked out and in sync for their fucking daily routines, and to knock on the door to remove a piano- ask my husband if he could use the restroom, after 3 minutes inside- well you could imagine my horror.

Had we not needed this piano moved, I’d have said more.

Hubby: All the bathrooms are blocked with furniture, right?

Me: (Brain tumors- cannot read minds anymore, looks, nor can I discern questions): Bathrooms?

Hubby: Does the basement bathroom also have furniture? Is it blocked there too?

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