The Rebbe

For years nobody has gone down to the basement. Now, for resale value, my mother would prefer I refer to it as a Lower Level, but for all intensive purposes- it’s the basement of the home where some dwell- and others don’t.

At a few points it was nicely decorated with furniture and accompanying houseguests- and it was visited by my children and spouse on a regular basis.

In any point of our existence in this house however, the basement was never going to be a place to “hang.” Afterall, we have plenty of room upstairs we don’t even spend time in, and who wants to be on a “darker” level?

Lastly, what you should know of said basement is that we built out a beautiful storage room and have stored our children’s childhood items, toys, keepsakes, blankets, etc. down there. When one wanted to play with something new, I would simply switch it from the closet to upstairs, and vice versa.

The kids are since older and I suppose it was time to have a look at what my sister referred to as “hoarding.” To clarify, I only kept what I deemed significant things from the years- from each child- and in their very own storage containers. No rat shit, milk bottles or food wrappers have had any opportunity to migrate to my “pile,” of neatness.

I say this because after I caught the “cleanout bug,” I decided to post items for the online yard sales- to finish the task of emptying out my crap. And let me once again remind you- the crap that anybody in my home knew was in here, has seen in my homes for 20+ years and had at least a few days heads up that some items would be departing.

Enter Exhibit A:

The Rabbi, as he shall be known as- was my father in law’s- it sat in every garage I’ve had with my husband- since 2005. It entered the basement when I saw him sitting on a filthy shelf- around 2019.

My point is that- the moment someone saw this photo online, my husband put his foot down. My Jewish husband, who is more often than not anti-religion and all things Jewish, wanted this (*subsequently, so did my mother).

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