During December (Hanukkah), I bought my daughter a 1000 piece Friends puzzle- because other families were doing them. I should have stopped then and there- for we are not puzzle people- but, I got swept up in the Facebook rage.

On the first day I set it up with my daughter- we turned each piece over. The next time, I thought I would separate by color. A few days later, I decided to separate by corner piece and days after that, I think we began.

I would visit the dining room table and spend an hour or so trying to find matches. Sometimes I found a lot, other times I left the table with nothing of significance. Coincidentally, each time my mother came around the table she would match in an instance- like some domino effect.

Time went on and I spent more and more of my free time trying to piece together the puzzle- thinking how close I was, until I saw the 990 other pieces waiting for a match. It didn’t defeat me in a way that I felt silly for not finding something sooner- but I did wonder about those other families who can do 1000 pieces in a few hours. Did they ever ride bikes or draw- or did they grow up just mastering puzzles?? Perhaps they had a special matching gene that I don’t have- but whatever it was, not being able (not caring as much) was grating on me.

Anyhow, there was a brief time we changed our destination and there was no puzzle in sight. I’d debated packing up the puzzle with me- but that was too much work and would I really sit and do it on location in warm weather? (Probably- I probably would have.)

Now, it is the end of March- tomorrow movers will remove all furniture in my home so they can refinish our floors that “apparently” don’t need to be done- by anyone’s eyes except mine- and that means my unfinished puzzle- my HOURS and WEEKS of wasted time and energy, will simply be tossed back into the box…. and up on the virtual yard sale.

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