Rochelle, Where Have You Been?

Today my mother and sister decided they wanted to spend the day cleaning out the lower level. A few days prior- the two came to the understanding that they would be ridding my home of my “hoarding” issues- in an effort to help me.

Now, for the record- I did not ask for this assistance, nor did I think it needed to be done. Well, I’m sure down the line certainly- but this was not on my list of GAS (give a shit).

So, when they arrived one by one, they went down to the lower level closet- and began bagging, tossing and removing some of my belongings- in an effort to declutter.

As they were cleaning and slaving away – I went to get my second Covid shot, worked on my graphic tee-shirt samples and created some store posts.

Enter mother…..

Mother: Rochelle- What are you doing?

Me: I’m working on my shirts.

Mother: While your sister and I are downstairs cleaning all day??

Me: …Yes- did you want me to help you?

Mother: Well it would have been nice if you came down and helped us .

Me: ….I’m sorry, you wanted me to sit in a basement while you both cleaned? I should take my cancery body and sit in a dark basement to keep you two company so that I could be part of it?

Mother: Hmm… Well …..

Me: Really??

Mother: Well okay then.

Me: Glad that is settled.

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