Lifetime Moments

The other evening, I was laying in bed- as I’ve been doing as of late, when hubby decided to broach a conversation.

Hubby: I was toying around with an idea….

Me: Okay…

Hubby: Well, do we know for sure- what your plans are for next year?

Me: Not really…. I mean…. I have no idea.

Hubby: Because I was thinking…..

Me: ….Oh… because you will be back at work….?

Hubby: Well…. yes, but…..

Me: (don’t say it…don’t say it…) And you’re thinking……

Hubby: Well, I don’t know, I was kinda thinking we get an Au Pair- you know, to help drive, take care of the kids…

I suppose the part of the conversation that I should focus on is that hubby is willing to pay for full-time help, and I will certainly be hiring!

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mom of 3
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