Wife Kills Husband In His Sleep

48 year old Rochelle Rochelle has pleaded guilty to murdering her husband in their suburban home. Reporters were on the scene…

Apparently, the wife found out she was riddled with militant cancer cells exploding throughout her body while her husband, 56 year old- carboholic defeated spouse pressed her to close her laptop- the only means of expressing her fears.

Officer Pat who arrived at the scene noted the room was overly warm- and the wife was saying something about, “he asked me to open the window! Could you believe he asked me to get up- brain tumors and all- so he could be comfy for sleep.”

It seems her husband was found without his sleep apnea mask on- and sources say- it was the noise flowing through the filthy mask that drove her to snap it.

“I tried to tell him I wasn’t ready for bed- but he kept insisting it was late and I should shut the lights- close the laptop!”

No further inquiries are being made at this time- and authorities are determining whether provocation is the true culprit. One thing is for certain- this shmuck had it coming…

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