I’ll Just Shut My Brain Off

Hubby just told me it was late and that I should go to sleep. For the past hour he has been dozing on and off- asking me to get up and shut the light… turn the alarm on… open the windows.

All these things would be annoying on any other day- but today they add a layer of zest I didn’t know possible: disbelief. Now, I am not as easily angered- but I do get irritated. You see, for the past hour, I have been online browsing for a desk for him- so he can get his shit out of my “office.”

That’s right, he has moved his office from a space he had for years to the “playroom,” and kids’ home school closets that they used for a week. Shirts, files, folders and “backdrops” just sit within my eyesight and its been getting slowly and slowly on my nerves.

While I am doing my due diligence to shop every possible website for the best sale, he is sitting here with his sleep apnea mask pre-breathing on the bed, and sporadically waking up to say, go to sleep.

So the way I see it is, no matter how tired he is at this moment- after hearing how horrendous my scans are- he should be typing this blog for me until I say its bedtime.

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mom of 3
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