How Am I?

In the past week, I’ve learned that….

There are tumors in my brain- currently 3 are out of hiding but chances are, there’s more

I will indeed need to appeal the denial of my life saving medicine

4 screws will be semi attached to the bone of my skull so I don’t move

The only MRI’s that work are the claustrophobic ones

General Hospital is still on the air??

I have one child talking to a young fellow (via a classmate) long distance- AND so far he’s the one. Additionally, after years of asking for Laser Hair Removal- she is all set up for appointments and NOW thinks its best to wait til school starts. What a perfect time to begin 6-week interval appointments during the school year- for I am always available 24/7 to take her.

Another child is trying to figure out what makes her happy in life but doesn’t want to discuss that with the therapist who’s (also) been on retainer for the past year.

My son doesn’t want to go back to school next year because he can’t “physically” handwrite- says he never learned- in spite of doing OT on the DL.

I will need to be out of the house for 10 days while our floors are being re-sanded and not one child wants to stay at the same place- and nobody wants to go to Florida (aside from my mother).

….And lastly, I have heard every side effect, medical outcome, probabilities, likelihoods and “expected” bumps in the road that I didn’t know were on this street.

So me? How am I doing? I would be doing better if this shit wasn’t currently happening at this exact moment!!

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mom of 3
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