Hold All My Calls- Alice

I am not responsible. Correction, I do not want to be responsible at this moment. Sure, I can handle dinner- waking the kids for school…. telling hubby what to do… but I do not want to be “in” on the nitty gritty details of life.

For example- I have been receiving medical calls for the past week- from anybody that walked by a hospital. Nurses, attendants, schedulers, doctors, surgeons…. all calling me on my phone! If that isn’t bad enough, I am getting non-stop text reminders for appointments where I must quickly press “1” for yes or “2” to stop (or is that for Spanish?).

Emails are inundating my account with “Medical Portal” updates and submit this or sign here’s.

I get it- I am the patient and I’m sure that is standard protocol when the patient in question is “capable.” Let’s not forget I forgot my own son’s name and it takes me 30 seconds to say the word I wanted to say (or think I did!)

All I am trying to say is this: I have handed over my entire password/account information to everyone in a 5 mile radius and if I need to relinquish all rights to my cell phone so I can have some peace, so be it.

*But, if it is an order for clothing, I think I can manage that.

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