Who’s On First?

This evening I went to place and pick up pizza from a boutique pizza shop. No matter how often I shop there, 6/10 times the pizza will be made incorrectly. So, tonight I tried to speak as clear as I could.

Me: Hi, I would like a medium pizza… half spinach ricotta/half no spinach.

Woman: You want a medium pizza, half spinach ricotta, half just spinach.

Me: No..

Woman: You want…

Man: Wait (worker) let her (me) repeat it.

Me: Actually, could you write what you just said, I already forgot.

Man: You want a half spinach ricotta/ half just ricotta.

Me: Yes!

Woman: Sorry

Me: Oh trust me, it’s me.

Man: That will be $16.59

Me: Actually, could you make the other half, just plain?

Woman: Just sauce?

Me: No- like just normal cheese and no sauce, no ricotta.

Man: You want a different pizza?

Me: Keep the first part- however you decide to make it and if you could make the other part plain just cheese and bread, that would be great.

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