Webster’s Dictionary

We all know I hate stupid people- even if that occasionally includes me. That being said, I just don’t understand how some people hold a job.

Me: Hi, I need to make an MRI appointment.

Receptionist: Okay, would you like to have it at A or B?

Me: Well actually, I need the “open” MRI so I think that is at C.

Receptionist: A and B both have open MRI machines.

Me: (so this is how it’s got to be?) I need the open MRI, the other ones aren’t open.

Receptionist: All of our MRI machines are open; they’re like a donut. They are short and wide…

Me: I was just there the other day, I am aware of the machines, however… only C has the open ones… I’m sure of it.

Receptionist: Ma’am…

And there you have it- I simply had no choice but to hang up….. A. for the “ma’am, B. for the lack of understanding of the word, OPEN.

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