Jokes On Her

This evening I was in back to back meetings with clients- this left hubby in charge of the children.

When I completed my last appointment, I opened the bedroom door and tried to navigate the obstacle course of filled laundry baskets that were awaiting my touch. Finally making it down the stairs, I walked into a scene straight out of Tornado Alley. Cabinets open, counters filthy, dishes in the sink and unfed pets. To say I was displeased is an understatement.

However, when I noticed the tin tray on one of the filthy counters, I chuckled to myself.

Me: You know this has to be cleaned, right?

Daughter: Uh, yes.

Me: And there is a lot to be done- no just disappearing to your room.

Daughter: (Sass) You know I am going to clean it so why are you saying it like that?

Not wanting to get into it again- as prior to my meetings I may have raised my voice when I noticed cups and crystal in her bedroom- alongside a burning candle, I decided to say nothing.

Me: I wish you just didn’t make such a mess every time you walk in here.

Daughter: But I wanted to bake- I made brownie chocolate chip-oreo!

Me: (Chuckles to myself)

Daughter: What’s funny about that? They look great…

It turns out, in my daughter’s haste to make a mess of my kitchen while wasting ingredients in an attempt at baking, she used the Passover Mixes.

Expensive trash

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