Can You Repeat That?

The other day I went for a CT Scan- fun, I know. I arrived at my scheduled time and only had a moment to wait before I was taken back to the dressing room by nurse Tom.

Tom: Hi, What brings you here today?

…Now, I’m definitely okay with small talk, but not when I am the smart one in the equation. Afterall, I was in a CT Imaging office… so certainly nurse Tom could have simply looked at my chart he was holding if he actually cared why I was there. … Alas…

Me: I’m here for a check up.

Tom: OK, I am going to need you to go into this room, take everything off from the waist up, put this robe on the normal way and then put this on over it, the other way. When you’re ready, you can come into the waiting room.

…Let’s just say, it was easier to sit naked in the waiting room than admit I couldn’t follow instructions.

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