Rolls Royce

Last night, I had to go to the garage to look for the circuit breaker and saw that the Rolls was back; the neighbor parks in in our garage. Anyhow, was only slightly concerned since I had not seem him return it.


Today, the dog was viciously barking at the door. A man and his grandson were looking from window to window to get someone to open the door… presumably me. Now, initially, I just thought they were selling girl scouts… not taking into account the little boy was more the age of a brownie…

When I peeked my head in front of the window, the man held up his Rolls Royce keychain so that I would know he’s here for the car. Again, had I not had to go to the garage last night, I would not have been so quick to follow.

I gave him the thumbs up to do what he needs to- again, for the dog was barking and there was NO CHANCE to hear otherwise.

The two went to the garage to get the car and I decided to make breakfast. Weighing every vegetable I was preparing, measuring out the oil, etc. Stared for some time at the beautiful scenery outside and did walk to the garage to listen to what was taking the man so long to leave.

When I finished eating, I grabbed a yogurt, made and waited for the coffee to brew, and then went upstairs. Meanwhile, the man was probably killing himself because the car was still running.

I’d say about 4 minutes later, I look outside my upstairs window- the one that overlooks the pool and watch for this asshole to get going. And then it hit me… I would have to move my car first. I had zero brain connection that there was a car (that i put there yesterday) blocking his exiting the garage. No thoughts whatsoever, other than, what the fuck is taking him so long. Even after I saw my car in the way, it took another minute or so to then realize, I am the only schmuck who can move it.

Needless to say, I just hope I remember that I parked out front and don’t call the police.

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