It Figures

For two weeks, I have had mail to send to a loved one- sitting inside the dashboard of our car. I did not know it was still stuck between the window- for I usually walk wherever I need to go.

I had tried to mail the letters two weeks ago- I put it in the mailbox, lifted the red flag- and watched as the mail woman drove away without my things. The next day when she showed up, I confronted her and asked why she did not take the mail- and she said, “she didn’t see anything in the box.” I called, “bullshit,” on her- for the flag was up and the mail was hanging off the edge. The next day, I had the flag up and the box open…. but apparently we don’t get mail delivered from shoebies.

So, the other day I went bike riding- for I knew I had once seen a mailbox on one of my jaunts, when I saw a mail carrier pulled over on the road. I grabbed my letters from my basket and slowly rode up to the window- but the post person was not in the truck. Since I was on my way to the box I knew I’d seen, I didn’t bother to track them down- afterall, if I could make the drop before the carrier picked it up, it would be ok.

When I got to the infamous mailbox, I did hesitate when I saw that pickup would not be for two more days- and late in the day at that. I’d no other choice- the letters had to get to my child and friend and it was already too late as it was.

Wouldn’t you know it, the moment I heard the mail drop to the empty bottom, I saw a different mail truck. And another… and another.

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