In A Blind Man’s World, The One Eyed Man Is Not Responsible

I forget a lot of things. In fact, once being able to multi task, I am now no longer capable of doing anything but focussing on the one task at a time. I say this because there are some times where I am less reliable or responsible for important things… like finding the Gate.

A few days ago, after going through security – which was a hassle in and of itself, the security guard said, you are B-10. However earlier, I had looked at the boarding tickets and saw we were seats: 6A, 6B, 6C and 6D. And since at times I have short term memory, the things I recalled was 6B.

Also, since I was wrapped in masks like a mummy, I could not wear my glasses- for all I created was fog. Naturally, I relied on my 8th grader to point us in the direction of Gate B.

Me: B6, we’re here.

Eldest: (mute)

Youngest: there’s no one here.

Me: That’s because daddy said it was empty.

…So, we sat down, relaxed and I watched the time we were supposed to board, come and go. In fact, three times I got up to look for a person to check in- but figured, it’s Covid- we’re on our own. That is what I thought. Now, I had seen pilots walk down the ramp behind me after our boarding time, and some maintenance workers too- but still, no people were around- other than the 5 that had been there the entire time.

I even called family and said, it must be an empty flight because nobody is here!

Me: Nobody’s here- it’s so weird.

Friend: What time are you supposed to take off?

Me: It says it will begin boarding at 2:03

Friend: But it’s 2:20- why don’t you go and check.

So, I got up, walked around the corner to the spot where the flight attendants would be checking people through and saw: Phoenix 3:05 pm.

Frantically, I found a person who worked there and asked if he knew where the flight to Fla. was-

Me: Excuse me, do you know where the flight to Florida is??

Man: Let me see your ticket

Me: (novel idea) Here

Man: It says B-10

Me: Shit!

Man: It’s still boarding so you have time.

Me: Thanks. …. (to eldest) We’re at the wrong gate!

Eldest: I know.

Me: What? What do you mean you know?

Eldest: The lady at security said to go to B-10. I was wondering why you went here.

Me: And you didn’t think to say something??? I got up three times looking around to find someone to make sure we were at the right place and you knew the whole time?

Eldest: I figured you knew what you were doing.

…Thankfully, we made it in time.

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