I’ve spoken to several people who have traveled during Covid- and the consensus was that flying is very safe. In fact, each of them shared their experience and mentioned how the middle seats were and rows before and after were vacant.

So, with permission from my oncologist, I ordered face shields and prepared for my ascend.

The day of our trip, I wore two paper masks, one 3-ply mask, one gator and the face shield. Other than sweating to death and fearing passing out, I was all set to board the plane.

Unfortunately for us, this particular flight was apparently bringing stranded Floridians home- as every seat in every row was overflowing with patrons.

The only saving grace was when I went to wipe down the seats, tray tables, walls, window and seatbelts, the surrounding rows realized I was obviously concerned and reclined their seats as far as they could.

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