Could You Do Me A Favor?

A few days ago, hubby took the dog and the car and went on an adventure- leaving me home with the three kids. Why this is important is we share the car- for the past two years. Now, I am home all the time and really have no reason to leave my home. However, as luck would have it, I actually needed the car- thrice.

You see, my daughter’s cell phone wasn’t working and it turns out- she needed not just a new “home” button, but a new motherboard as well. And since hubby was away- and I had had two days til I was going on my own adventure, we needed this done asap.

Hubby had mentioned that in some instances, the repair man would come to pick up the phone. After telling him my situation – that I have no car and no way to bring it to his store, he kindly offered to pick it up.

Shortly thereafter, I noticed my housekeeper pulled up to the house. Slightly after that, my mother stopped by to see the kids and say goodbye to us. Next, the repair man pulled to pick up my phone- all the while noticing the traffic jam.

What happened next, was both unforeseeable and contradictory- my friend pulled in behind the repair man and had to drop something off for my mother and asked if I needed her to run any errands.

Needless to say, I had to arrange to pick the phone up when the job was completed.

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