The other day I had my monthly oncologist appointment- I’d say, “doctor’s appointment” but I’ve earned my bragging points. Anyway, the appointment went well and since I’d taken the whole day off from work, I decided to run into the local market to get Hanukkah candles.

Now, you may say, Rochelle… you always order from Amazon- couldn’t you have just ordered and stayed out of Covid’s way? To which I’d have replied, would you believe- that Amazon did not have any??? In fact, the soonest I could get even the shoddiest of candles, would have been apres Hanukkah. So…. I had no choice but to go into the market.

I cannot tell you how great it felt to be inside a market- and yes, I had multiple masks. I got to walk around, bring home nice things for the kids to eat like donuts, latkes and challah. And while I love instacart, there is no replacing random shmying.

All was going well- not many lines- not many people…. and I decided to not play cashier. In fact, whereas I normally bag my own foods- I simply stood in Sharon’s line (I will call her that because I believe that is what I recall- after the horrors to which I bared- witness).

As if some radical person charged into the market with a loaded sawed off shotgun, I watched something that shook me to my core-

That’s right- Sharon slid off her mask- just below her bottom lip- put her fingers in her mouth-pried open some bags, and place my items within.

Had it not been for the dire need of those shitty, 43 candles that break when placing in the Hanukkia, I’d have left everything on the belt.

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