How Did You Get to Point B?

I cannot use a bathroom and have it not clog up immediately. Now, I say this not to disgust you- but to let you know our plumbing sucks. I could be the 4th person to use the twalet… just urinate, and it will clog.

Two weeks ago hubby bought a new plunger- so that each non-working toilet was armed and ready. What you should note, is that hubby placed the brand new plunger directly on the floor… as it waited for his big day.

Now, I know I was not the last person to use the downstairs bathroom… and in all honesty, it had been days since I’d gone in there- but sure enough, it was clogged.

Naturally I called for the maintenance man… hubby, to handle the situation. …Afterall, it wasn’t mine.

To no avail, he decided to wait a while to see if the water would recede- leaving the plunger still in the crapper. So, when I saw the water had gone down, I thought it was safe to flush; it was not.

Once again, the water rose and despite my Schneider efforts, I, too, tried to let it recede.

Ten or so minutes later, I asked hubby to once again try to tackle the situation- for I was still feeling nauseated from Sharon.

What you should also know, is sometimes I have short term memory issues… because more than 20 minutes must have passed when I noticed the toilet was fixed and the plunger was nowhere in sight.

As if my brain was coming into focus, I realized the gravity of the predicament I was facing…

Me: Where is the plunger?

Hubby: It’s in the sink.

Me: What sink?

Hubby: The laundry sink.

What you should know, is the laundry room is about 20 + feet from the shit storm that had to be addressed….which meant that hubby walked the soaking wet, dripping with shit new plunger… through my kitchen and to the laundry room sink.

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