The Bionic Woman

Last week I was riding my bicycle when all the sudden I heard something drop. Deciding it could have been of value, I turned back and found my 17 year old Ebel watch on the ground.

For the past six months, I have been slowly gaining weight- and ever so slightly, the watch band was beginning to get tighter. In the past, it would twist and turn on its own from front to back… but as of late, its just held its grip.

I took it to the same jewelry store to see if they could just connect the bands- afterall, it only needed that small rod to connect them.

Repair man: Hi… what happened here?

Me: My watch fell while I was biking.

Repair man: (looking with a magnetic eye piece) Wow, there’s a lot of damage to the band.

Me: There is? I think just a rod needs to be in place to hold it together.

Repair man: No, no…It seems it has really expanded… its as if the metal has been stretched. See… look at this here (showing me): its so stretched out that the band needs to be somehow reconfigurated. Were you pulling on this band? It seems as if is really stretched out. ….No, I am going to have to bla bla bla…..

To think I was simply impressed by my stretched out undies.

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