Quaker Oats

I started my keto diet today and so far so good. This time, I ordered meals delivered so that all I need to do is peel, heat and eat. While I am not hungry at this current hour, I did have “points” left to use… only, I cannot find the right balance of points allotted to actually eat and not go over – say- in protein. So…. seltzer for me. However, I say all this because despite being “on target” for my daily goals, I am afraid my medication is stronger than my ability to actually lose.

The following convo happened while cleaning up dinner….

Me: What if I just never lose weight?

Hubby: That won’t happen.

Me: I know but what if my medication is stronger than my diet, and even if I follow it, I don’t lose weight?

Hubby: You will.

Me: But, it’s not like I actually ate a lot before this.

Hubby: (chuckles) All you did was eat…You ate anything that wasn’t nailed down.

Me: (startled) … What? I did not! All I had was oatmeal for lunch and then dinner.

Hubby: (shocked) You ate 50 lbs of oatmeal a week! You went through entire lifetime cases of them that I had to cancel the order so you’d stop.

….So, it seems, according to my ego boosting hubby, that I should be good to go for losing weight.

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