L4, L5 & RP

About a week ago, I must have pulled some type of muscle in my left leg…. for there is shooting pain. Anyhow, it’s very difficult to walk as of late- so when I am not standing, I can be found in my bed.

Additionally, moving around has gotten slightly more difficult because I’m carrying the equivalent of a third grader around- via my ass.

Last night, as I was enjoying some telly, I heard hubby bust into the house from the garage, screaming like never before. It was such a fearful yell, that for a moment, I wondered if a burglar had come in.

As I was trying to process the level of fear in his voice, I jumped from my bed and skipped downstairs- to find my dog chasing a mouse that she brought in. Hubby was screaming for the dog to drop it, my kids were screaming for me to not kill it, and hubby…. with his blindness disease… couldn’t fucking see it. Mind you- it ran this way and that way, and hubby was still looking in the same direction from whence he noticed this animal.

Knowing that hubby would never be able to find the mouse- because let’s face it, he doesn’t notice all 180 lbs of me if I’m outside of his vision path, I ran to get a bowl to throw over the mouse. Thankfully, all three of my children, who holocaust hide when they see a stink bug, were able to guide hubby towards the scared mouse.

In the end, the mouse was released, the bowl was thrown out, the floors were washed and my leg pain worsened. The good news is, I’m no longer constipated.

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mom of 3
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