What Just Makes That Little ‘Ol Ant…..

Allow me to preface this as, I like being alone. I never considered myself as one who needed someone to do things with- be it walking, riding or sitting. But I must give off this inviting, approachable presence. For example, if someone finds out I am getting some exercise, they typically want in. Now, to be fair, they don’t know I like to listen to my podcasts or comedians whilst doing. That I simply enjoy listening to my own conversations in my head- literally thousands of them from the past 50 years. What you should also know is I go through long periods of time where I don’t exercise. I could do 30,000 steps one day and none for the following year. Sometimes the only exercise I get is going back and forth to the kitchen.

So imagine my excitement when I do finally find an activity that I enjoy- and someone wants in. Case in point: when my mother said she wanted to ride with me. Although I hesitated, I knew she had the stamina to withstand an 8 mile ride and I knew if need be, she could go at her own pace.

When we arrived at the biking trail, I spent several minutes simply trying to dislodge the bikes that became intertwined in the trunk. I gave my mother her helmet, placed her water bottle in the cup holder and told her to not get on the bike yet. I mention the water bottle because this will become exhibit A in the near homicide.

To take a step back, there are signs we ignore in life- little ways the world tries to “stop” us from doing silly things. Had I known 9/10ths of my family had reservations of my mother biking with me…. I’d have maybe put any thought to them. When I saw my mother try to ride from the parked spot to the path…. and not even think to look left – at the biker she nearly ran into, I should have ended our trip there. Alas, I didn’t. What you should also know, is even though I told her to walk her bike to the entrance of the path.. she had already straddled it and began walking like that. As insignificant as that may seem…. I should have known she was portraying novice vibes.

Lastly, it is important to note that I enjoy riding my bike at this location because it’s all flat. Sure, there are some inclines, but not more than 175 degrees. Again, I am not some fanatic who rides or dies…. but I do enjoy a leveled surface.

When it was time to begin, I asked my mother if she knew how to stop- and she showed me that all she needed to do was put her right foot back. There were no gears to worry about… and worse case, she could always hop off. Now, I’m approximating here, but I believe only 27 seconds passed, when my mother rode into the curb as she may have tried to grasp her water bottle that was splatting in her face due to the slight incline. Now, I could be wrong, but I swear I saw her attempt to reach one of her hands to steady the water…when her bike got out of control.

Let it be known that I hadn’t even formed a wedgie, when bikers near and far rode over to see if my mother needed an ambulance, and the only sweat I formed was from trying to get the bikes both out and back into the car.

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