Boys to Men

The other day this song came on in the car whilst driving with my eldest. Now, you should know that on most days, we might converse, but yesterday was a day to ponder the world around us. ….

Close your eyes, make a wish

And blow out the candlelight

For tonight its just your night

We’re gonna celebrate

Now, in my mind, I’m just thinking to myself, we barely celebrated my son’s birthday the other night...

Pour the wine, light the fire

Girl your wish is my command

I submit to your demands

I will do anything

Girl you need only ask

I wish you could fold my laundry

I’ll make love to you

like you want me to

It was here that I snapped out of my fog and realized that I was sitting in the car with my precious daughter. Had she been listening to the lyrics? Did she understand what it was they were gonna celebrate? In fact I wondered how many times I’d sat through many a song like this, and simply drove her to school!

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