Worst Day Ever

The other day I received the hardest phone call- it was a friend who is going through the last phase of their young life. The message began as this: call when you have a chance. When I was able to actually return the call, I heard how they made the horrific decision to go on hospice.

This was the dreaded news I was praying I’d never hear from them- and it literally knocked the wind out of me. We spoke for a while about next steps, and how they are at peace with this stage and then just caught up.

How do you tell your child goodbye? Your mother, your sister? It was all so devastating and debilitating. And as crippling the news of this tragic ending- a life cut too soon, the worst part of this shitty day- for me, was the other phone call…. the fucking tell all of my goddamn fat ass weight! Don’t worry- my friend told me that they are as annoyed since they are well below their goal weight- and that sucks more since now they’re dying!

About Lady in Red

mom of 3
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