Where the x is the Gray?

I cannot stand the all or nothing, black or white alternatives. Either I live and I’m fat or I die and I’m skinny. That basically sums it all up- where is the middle ground?

I am so tired hearing, yes but we’re glad you’re alive…. or if that’s the only way we can have you bullshit.

I know or I think, the medicine may be responsible for some of the weight gain, but it cannot be the sole reason for my pear like body. And please stop trying to console me wiht, now’s the time to eat and enjoy. I am not getting a child out of this- so sure, the plus side is I am alive. I know, I’m grateful0 truly I am. But I cannot keep on this cattle=esk climb thinking, its this or death.

Where is the G.D. middle?

Note: On the flip side, I don’t want to hear, take a walk; I’ve got cancer for heaven’s sake!

About Lady in Red

mom of 3
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