The Sabbath Flies

When I see multiple stink bugs or lantern flies, I start to lose my cool. Maybe its the shock factor when they just appear from nowhere- as if its practically normal to be within eye contact. Whatever it is, I do lose the rational part of my brain and simply yell, scream or curse. Often, I can be found killing (anything) whilst saying, Die! Die! Die you xx! Not 100% sure why I feel the need to vehemently admonish them, but I do.

Last Shabbat, I went with my middle child to outdoor services. I’d actually debated dragging my youngest since I really wanted him out of the house. In the end, she and I went and met up with Bub.

When we got there, we sat in our own designated spot and watched the cantor lead the service. Please note: roughly 40 people join for the virtual aspect of the service and 16 of us were in person. Note: there was also a Bar Mitzvah family.

Anyhow, my middle child- also, the most observant one, spotted a gazillion spotted lantern flies just walking back and forth on the overhang above. In fact, she pointed them out as they crawled my way, landed on me, and landed near others.

My attention to the cantor was now diverted towards looking for/cowering from these stink bug-esk flies on steroids in capes. Add the fact that my daughter hates these flies half as much as my youngest- and the pressure to leave was on.

Though we moved several times to avoid these creatures, it was apparent that we would have to go home early. I’m just glad nobody heard my standard chant…. on the zoom.

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