Getting to Know Who?

Back to school virtually, means having to fill out many google forms so that the teachers can get to know us and vice versa.

Now, my middle child- the one who can’t stand if I nose breathe near her – nor can she stand the sound of the keyboard as I type, had come to me upset about one of her classes. She had told me she felt as if she was in the special classes because many kids were acting inappropriate and they were moving all about their screens. Having a fondness for specialized instruction rooms, I assured her that she is exactly where she should be – and that it is better to be a big fish in a small sea. Naturally, she didn’t understand the analogy and therein lies the class she’s taking. Even her complaints aside, I know its better for her to be in a smaller setting as well as better to feel like she’s top dog.

In any event, that evening as I was going through her schedule, I came upon the title of the math class which she was complaining: INT Math. I noticed there was a student questionairre she’d not filled out and called her into my room. Mind you: she does get instructional labs and I figured…. maybe they’re combinig it via this INT math program.

As I opened the form and started to read to the survey to myself, I was quickly taken aback.

  1. How do you learn best? Not a bad question, seems well enough.
  2. When you learn new information, do you write it down, physically move your body in that direction, or sing it?

Twas here when my eyes briefly caught my daughter’s. …

3. When learning, do you look at the teacher, stare into space or move your arms in the direction of the teacher?

Again, I tried not to get upset (for her) and kept reassuring myself that this was the best class for her and since we finally got an IEP, I wasn’t going to start switching her classes. Afterall, she struggled in the larger setting and something HAD to give.

4. Do you work best when you listen to the speaker, watch the speaker, or move your body in the direction of the speaker?

At this point, she sensed my typing hesitation, caught my eyes and said, “told ya I’m in the………”

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