Come Take This Survey

After trying to calm both my middle child and myself down- after just reading the math survey, I asked my other daughter the name of her teacher. Turns out, this was not my daughter’s specialized instruction class- rather, it was my eldest’s teacher!!

Please note, I did give pause and thought about my eldest’s math skills…. and wondered perhaps if she was maybe supposed to be the big fish in the small sea. In fact, I hesitated even asking her the questions from the questionnaire because I knew how sensitive she is and I didn’t want these to upset her.

Anyhow, I read through the first few questions again, and had to literally stop and think about these choices. Furthermore, I, myself struggled with simply understanding what the question even meant. All that aside, I continued asking her and by the 5th question she, too had asked me to drop the class. Most of all, she was already feeling quite low about herself now and questioned her abilities.

With two upset children and a very confused me, I decided to email the teacher a “what gives?” It turns out, it is an intermediate level class and the teacher was simply doing a holistic questionnaire to better understand the class as learners.

In the end, the apple doesn’t fall from the branch- as I needed both an interpreter for every question and a psychiatrist to walk me down from the ledge.

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