Lord of the Flies

I remember when my eldest was around 3 or 4 years old- she came into my room in the middle of the night and just stood over me. I’m not sure why she would just come in like a mouse and stand at my head, breathing- vs. perhaps tapping me the hell up, but she didn’t. And I remember having to stifle the blood-curling scream that I would have done under normal circumstances. You see, had I screamed…. she would have screamed and then we’d all be up. Besides, once she scared me and I did scream and I ended up having to apologize to her for scaring her! So, I didn’t scream.

I say all this, because my son is petrified of bugs and insects. Unfortunately for all of us, some flies have gotten into our home and I don’t know if they’re mating and giving birth within minutes or what, but they seem to be everywhere.

For instance, the other day a stink bug was on the wall- out of nowhere and my son hadn’t seen it. I was trying not to alert him with my eyes- so I half kept looking at the TV as if I was engrossed- and half trying to side glance at my son. Although I was able to catch it before it flew around my room, I was not so lucky another night. I was sitting in bed, in the dark on my laptop when a fly flew onto my screen. Now, my son was next to me (don’t judge) and had already not eaten dinner because there were flies just flying. He literally lost his shit, so it’s not as if I could have screamed when it touched down on my MAC.

Anyhow, I tried to hold my laptop steady while reaching for a tissue as if nothing was the matter so my son wouldn’t get upset- but I was too slow. Suddenly, it was flying onto his device and as I watched his eyes meet mine- and then turn back to his iPhone… well, that was that.

The good news is I brought my fly swatter upstairs with me and am typing with it in between my knees in case their loved ones come back to kill me. The bad news is my son has been tucked under my sheets for hours so, flies are the least of his concern.

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