Apparently Hubby has spent the past several years earning points at a local Mexican restaurant- at least, that’s how he spins it.

This evening, the kids came into our room and announced they were hungry. Immediately, hubby said, “I won’t make you anything but I can order out.”

Within moments, we mutually agreed upon Mexican food. Typically, I’ve been ordering online for us from my iPhone- but since I don’t “sign in,” we haven’t been accruing points. Tonight, I decided that I would finally download the app and sign in via hubby’s info. Mind you, he did say, “I’ll just do it from my phone,” but something besides air crawled up my ass- so, I did it.

I noticed that he had over 10,000 points- so, naturally I began “clicking” away at freebies. Tacos, Guac, Burrito bowls… etc.

Next, I went to order the food we wanted and assumed it would all magically work- the redeemed points would connect with the crap in my cart.

Flash forward, the food arrives and instantly the kids notice the missing guac- and some chicken bowl I accidentally ordered. You would have thought I punched them each in the gut- including hubby.

Hubby: What happened to the guac?

Kid 1: No guac? I asked you for guac!

Kid 2: Did you get my order wrong again?

Me: I ordered 3 guacs and I know how to order!

Hubby: You ordered me chicken?

Me: I did? I didn’t know what chk was.

Kid 3: You must have- I never have anything to eat.

Kid 1: Can you make guac?

Me: (looking at app to figure out what happened) The points are all gone!

Hubby: What happened to the 9874 points you used?

Me: They aren’t there, but I can see that I redeemed them.

Hubby: You lost almost 10,000 worth of points? It took me years to accumulate and all you have to say is, “but I can see that I redeemed them?”

Me: I’ll call them and maybe they can fix it.

Hubby: You lost almost 10,000 points?!

Me: (on phone) Hello, I just got my food and somehow all of our points are gone.

Man: I can see you tried to redeem them but you had to order the food first- and then redeem.

Me: Can you put them back onto the account?

Man: What I can do is write it down on a piece of paper and make a note for the next time.

Me: (looking at hubby) Uhhh…

Hubby: (hears the call and shakes his head no way)

Me: Can I come and pick up that paper and you write it down that we can use this the next time?

Hubby: (shaking his head in dismay)(waves me away)

Man: How about I just make the items you wanted?

Needless to say, I was forced to eat the pounds of guac, chips and tacos since nobody else was hungry (including me) and he didn’t want to waste those points.

No bueno.

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