Shit Galore

My eldest dog is at the age where she shwalks or shits and falls (in it). Every morning like clockwork, she tries to get her footing in the feces that has manifested itself on my floors (under her ass).

Now, I am a veteran at having elderly dogs to have to put to sleep- but hubby thinks she’s not there yet.  To make matters worse, Little Puppy , his name, has decided to get in on the shitting indoors action and has made several loose piles for me to find. Add to the fact that hubby is sight impaired and he is of little help to me whence he finds these daily treats. And should he find the shit before I, he will either not see it all…. and/or step in it and drag it around the house – all the while saying, “I know there’s shit somewhere.”


About Lady in Red

mom of 3
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