No. No. No. No. No. Maybe

This morning I had the long-overdue test: The MRI. Since I was feeling a sensation in the original spot of this whole mess, as well as having trouble feeling my right hand at times, the doctor thought it was best to get a reading on my brain.

Having been prepared for what to expect for months, I woke up early and went on my way to a place that has open machines. First and foremost… open my ass. Sure it does not encapsulate your calves down- but it is still, pretty scary.

*Note: Petscan and Cat Scan machines are a thick donut type of machine. To give a mental picture, imagine wearing an inner-tube to go tubing…. you’d stand with it on your hips and would be fine. Now imagine said tube….. with 6 or 9 of them just stacked on top of one another, with you standing in the center…. sure, it’s open at the tippy top…. but when you’re down in the “well” of the tubes, it can feel confining.

Anyhow, the one thing I knew about these tests and machines are: you cannot have any type of metal on your person. For example…

Tech: I’m just going to ask you a few questions… Do you have any ports?

Me: Huh….Me? … No.

Tech: Any IUD’s?

Me: No.

Tech: Pacemakers or ports?

Me: Wha?

Tech: Do you have diabetes?

Me: Not yet

Tech: Do you take blood thinners?

Me: I’m 47.

Tech: Any body piercings?

Me: No.

Tech: Implants?

Me: No.

Tech: Could you be pregnant?

Me: You just asked if I took blood thinners.

Tech: I’m sorry; I have to go through these. Any knee or hip replacements?

In the end, I was thinking so hard to answer each question to the best of my knowledge that I actually thought, maybe I did have a pacemaker I didn’t know about.

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