Matchmaker Matchmaker

The other day, my mother came to my doctor’s appointment. Once we got into the center and were waiting, my mother took out her phone and began showing me videos from Facebook. She began by showing me makeovers- one of a man in dreads getting them cut and another with brassy hair being recolored.

After several minutes, we went back to the room where we were met with the oncologist, her Fellowship student, and her scribe (who was online).

We went over the routine questions, discussed the beautiful results, and then started to plan for my next visit in 12 weeks. …..

Oncologist:  We will plan for 12 weeks for your next visit; I’ll be right back- I need to get a cord before the computer dies. (exits room)

Mother: That’s October. I wonder if it’s Yom Kippur.

Me: Are you saying I wouldn’t come back because of Yom Kippur?

Mother: I just wanted to know.

Me: You know, I don’t think she’s Jewish.

Mother: I don’t care if she’s Jewish, I just want to know if its a holiday

Me: (noticing the laptop was still on) Scribe, is it Yom Kippur?

Scribe: I have no idea.

Mother: What’s wrong with wanting to know if its a Jewish holiday?

Me: Nothing. Jewish lives matter.

Fellow: (looking at cell) It’s not Yom Kippur.

Mother: Are you from around here?

Fellow: I grew up in Conestoga.

Mother: Ohhhh……mmhmmmm.

Fellow: I know, there was only one other Jewish person in my school. My fiance grew up around here though, so after we get married, we’ll move closer.

Mother: What street did she grow up on?

Me: (here we go)

Fellow: Shlompin Shlompin

Mother: Oh nice. I sold a house there.

Me: Of course you did.

Fellow: You’re a realtor?

Me: Here we go.

….Needless to say, cards were passed and a shidduch was made.


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