Step 1, Finished.

Today I decided that perhaps it is time to watch some tutorials on how to use the machinery I ordered (hubby says, rushed) back in April.

A few things to note: I cannot stand the sound of people breathing. I also cannot stand people who think that just because they’re creating a tutorial, that they’re all that.

I need help; I need guidance. Naturally, I turned to YouTube and searched for how to use the Cricut Maker or Explore- I don’t even know which one I have but I’ve seen all the videos. One video was of two ladies- friends, who decided to do a video on how to take it out of the box- because clearly, it’s the idiots of society that want to be creative…smh.

The next video was of a woman, wearing an apron and surrounded by all of the fancy wares that she created. Now, she seemed kinda relatable- especially now that I’m medically obese.

What annoyed me after maybe 14 minutes into her 46-minute lesson, was her hand. She had a French manicure- the kind with just the line at the way top, and the way she kept flattening the t-shirt as she preheated it bothered me. Maybe it was the way she outstretched her digits, accentuating her long nails- but I was bothered.

As the camera kept showing her bloated hand, I kept looking at my own nubs from the same angle- grateful that my hands don’t (yet) look overweight.

Back and forth I kept looking at her fingering her shirt, showing off her nails as well as her hands- as if she’s some Vanna. Additionally, she kept talking and not swallowing at consistent intervals so every time she spoke, she had that watery-thick, disgusting voice and since the mic was on her lapel, I could hear her spit go down her throat.

Flatten, pinch, flatten, swallow- and now I am too annoyed to sit at my desk to try it.  What should have been a non-complicated video lesson, has now raised my heart rate and given me agita.

Screen Shot 2020-07-15 at 11.15.04 PM

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