Your Mother Will Get It

I have little motivation- that’s what has come out since hubby asked me when I was ready to return my $$$$ dollars worth of crafting machines I bought in haste- but never opened.

I am happy to sit in bed all day- or sit in the kitchen all day and do nothing (except eat).  No longer do I feel like walking- nor do I think even have the energy. It could be because I’m obese and therefore dragging this extra tumor weight may be the culprit. But the message is: if I didn’t have to parent, I’d be in bed all day long- because I just don’t wanna.

Nighttime is worse- I am extra tired and lethargic and don’t even feel like finding my iPad to watch telly. So, typically I just sit online and wait for the next political post- whilst laying down.

A few moments ago, my Roblox, non-stop chattering, annoying son started his daily hissy fit when he spotted a cicada wasp in my bedroom. Now, hubby was in the recliner, right in front of the wasp when he jumped up and started in with the, “you know I can’t see it, so you better get it,” crap.  I know he can’t see it- but for crying out loud- why does he get out of spider/wasp/bee duty???? ALL THE TIME! On a good day, I don’t want to be near any of those things!

Now, I could have lay in bed and ignored it, but getting stung isn’t an option for me. I’ve avoided COVID (poo poo poo) and cancer- so I’m not going down on a bee sting. I quickly got up, grabbed wads of kleenex, and bravely went to grab it while hubby and son were already out of the room and down the hall.

I mean it, I had to walk up to something that scares the hell out of me- and grab it. Meanwhile, the buzzing from within the kleenex got louder the more I tried to keep it closed, and I wasn’t mentally prepared to flush it, so instead, I ran down the stairs, unlocked the door and tossed it to freedom.

Do you know how much energy that all took to do- when the most activity I’ve done is going to the bathroom??


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