You Better Think, Think!

My eldest has always been food-conscious- from the time she was an infant! Most recently, she’s been concerned about her weight- even though she is perfect (in every way).

Last week, I was finally able to get her into the pool when my mother noted her beauty.

Bubbie: You look just like great-momom. I have this picture somewhere, where she was wearing the same type of bathing suit, had a flower in her hair- and she looked so beautiful.

Kid: Really?

Bubbie: Yes! Rochelle, do you have that photo??

Me: No, but I think I know it.

Bubbie: You look just like her, only she was around 5’4 and maybe 85 lbs.

Me: (big eyes screaming) She was? No, she was more…

Bubbie: When she was pregnant with me she weight 110 or 115 pounds.

Me: Well that’s helpful.


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