I have no memory- or, I have little recent memory left.

This evening, I had finally got my crew involved in a family game of Rummy Kub, when the game ended before it began.

The order went by oldest to youngest (Hub, Me, Kid 1 and 2). We each kept picking tiles since nobody was able to “go out,” and there were maybe 5 or 6 tiles left when hubby said, “I’m out.”

While he was placing his tiles out, I must have been so engrossed in eating, because when it was my turn, I noticed “open” tiles on the board and started turning them all over. Now, I’m not sure why I thought maybe he kept picking a tile (to initially go out) until he found what he needed, but I turned them all over… shuffled them and then picked one from that pile.

With that, hubby gets up, dumps his tray, and gets ready to leave when I say…

Me: Why are you leaving?

Hubby: You ended the game.

Me: No I didn’t, you did! You are the one who dumped your tray.

Hubby: That’s because I went out and then you turned my tiles over and shuffled them.

The good news is, everybody, left me alone in the kitchen, so I could keep eating.



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