I’ll Be The Judge

My favorite thing…. is to watch videos that people think are amazing- whether they have an uplifting message or are just “feel good” videos… and critique them.

This evening, I decided to visit the “watch” tab on the left-hand side of my Facebook screen, and a video from Steve Harvey’s talk show appeared. A man was homeless had been digging through the trash one evening, when an EMT saw – and gave him $7. Fourteen years later, G-d reunited the two so that she could see as she called it, “the fruits of her labor.” The man had been adopted into a Christian ministry, and kenahora, got his life together, plus gained a few lbs.

In the past, BFA (Before Fat Ass), I would cry at the littlest things- and I would have definitely cried at this clip… but not today. Nope, all I kept thinking about was how she referred to him as her “patient,” as if she had only two initials to her title (EMT) (Dr.) and how heavy he looked. Actually, I kept looking at how he either sat back into the sofa or just at the edge of it… due to the size of his belly. In fact, I realized that that’s how I’ve had to sit lately!

So no, I didn’t cry and felt nothing.

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