Humpty Dumpty

Let it be known that I am not on steroids- although that would be a wonderful excuse for my appearance. I am taking a pill that will kill me if I don’t eat all day. Fine, the pill is known to cause weight gain, and in my case, never-ending.

This evening I came up to bed with my Snyder’s Hard Pretzel bag and started eating them. Hubby commented that I shouldn’t eat in the bed and I said…

Me: Do you want me to go downstairs?

Hubby: You shouldn’t eat in bed.

Me: You mean, I shouldn’t eat?

Hubby: Did I say that?

Me: I wonder if Jenny Craig has vegetarian food.

Hubby: (laughs) Just stop eating.

Me: (eating another hard pretzel) I hardly eat; what are you talking about?

Hubby: All you do is eat from the moment you wake up until you go to sleep!

Looks like there’s a new fat-shamer in the house.

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