1 + 1 = 0

“We don’t need a bigger generator; we never lose power.” That is what hubby told me months ago. “All the years we’ve lived here… we lost power once or twice and it always came back on.”

This week, we are in the process of switching out our partial generator for a full house one. The decision to purchase a larger one came at the start of Covid- when I ransacked my 403b account to make a few changes.

It was certainly not a hard sell- after all, it wasn’t that much more $$ and the peace of mind it would provide for me in particular, was enough for him to agree, even though “we never lose power.”

As luck would have it, we’ve lost power 4 times since his proclamation and this week, twice. The best part is, we have no generator. Actually… we have two… both disconnected as they were in the process of being set up. The wires are ready to go…. the machines are here and waiting… and I am sitting in the xxx dark, cursing my hubby under my breath.

Don’t worry, I can smell where the food is when I get hungry again.

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mom of 3
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