Several days ago, my Deebot (Thelma) stopped working when I accidentally kicked it while it was running. I knew that it was charged- and there was no reason to stop working, but didn’t know what to do.

Two days went by and I tried to charge it- to no avail. Next, I watched YouTube videos on troubleshooting and I tried every solution.

Today, I couldn’t stand looking at my filthy floor (I gave up sweeping for Lent) and I watched two final videos: one was a man in India and one was a man who also watched the man from India’s video- to fix their machine.

Listening to their directions, I turned the machine over, tried to find the place where I needed to open it to check the battery prongs….and that’s where I noticed the on/off switch.

Apparently, my leg hit the forgotten on/off button. However, if anyone needs me to walk them through every possible malfunction on the last three versions of Deebots sold via Amazon.co, I’m your gal.

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mom of 3
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